Engineering Designing

Engineering Designing


The decorative arts is a traditional term for a number of arts and crafts  for the making of ornamental and functional works in a great range of materials including ceramic, wood, glass, metal, textiles and many others.

The engineering design process is a formulation of a plan or scheme to assist an engineer in creating a product. The engineering design process is a multi-step process including the research, conceptualization, feasibility assessment, establishing design requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, production planning and tool design, and finally production. The sections to follow are not necessarily steps in the engineering design process, for some tasks are completed at the same time as other tasks. This is just a general summary of each step of the engineering design process.

The detailed design portion of the engineering design process is the task where the engineer can completely describe a product through solid modeling and drawings. Some specifications include:

·         Operating parameters

·         Operating and non-operating environmental stimuli

·         Test requirements

·         External dimensions

·         Maintenance and testability provisions

·         Materials requirements

·         Reliability requirements

·         External surface treatment

·         Design life

·         Packaging requirements

·         External marking

The advancement of computer-aided design, or CAD, programs have made the detailed design phase more efficient. This is because a CAD program can provide optimization, where it can reduce volume without hindering the part's quality. It can also calculate stress and displacement using the finite element method to determine stresses throughout the part. It is the engineer's responsibility to determine whether these stresses and displacements are allowable, so the part is safe.

Production Planning and Tool Design

The production planning and tool design is nothing more than planning how to mass produce the project and which tools should be used in the manufacturing of the part. Tasks to complete in this step include selecting the material, selection of the production processes, determination of the sequence of operations, and selection of tools, such as jigs, fixtures, and tooling. This task also involves testing a working prototype to ensure the created part meets qualification standards.


With the completion of qualification testing and prototype testing, the engineering design process is finalized. The part must now be manufactured, and the machines must be inspected regularly to make sure that they do not break down and slow production.

Our design team

Our design engineers are distinguished from the designer/drafter by virtue of the fact that a design engineer takes care of the inner workings/engineering of a design. While industrial designers may be responsible for the conceptual aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of a design, our design engineer usually works with a team of engineers and designers to develop the preliminary design and the most critical parts. He/she may work with industrial designers and marketing to develop the product concept and specifications, and he/she may direct the design effort from that point. Products are usually designed with input from a number of sources such as manufacturing, purchasing, tool making and packaging engineering.

They may work in a team along with designers to create the drawings necessary for prototyping and production, or in the case of buildings, for construction. However, with the advent of Auto CAD, Maya, 3D Max and solid modeling software (SolidWorks, SpaceClaim, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, NX, CATIA, etc) the design engineers may create the drawings themselves.



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